Tara Hayes is a lifestyle documentary photographer based in wichita falls texas. Her whole heart goes into storytelling your real life love just as you wonderfully are. The bits of messy wonderful chaos that create your life.





Arrival sessions take place during the first 48 hours of your new babes arrival. Those moments in the hospital when the first cries are let out are the ones I want to capture for you. It will change. Your story and this chapter in your book will soon become a blur. Let me document those aboslute firsts.



Parents have the choice of coming coming to my downtown natural life loft studio or staying in the comfort of their own home for their newborn session. Those first few days and weeks are so hard on mama. I want to help you remember this chapter and the squishy skin, awkward faces and sweet snuggles of baby life. 



Family is everything. Each person contributes in creating a life through day to day adventures. Never ever as you planned but always better. I want to capture your story of the real, unposed, beautiful chaos that happens in your every day.



Tara Hayes Photography | North Texas